Chapter 10 of Halo

The chapter you've all been begging me for!!!! LOL

Chapter 10


Anna grabbed at her father’s hand, and gently placed her other hand on his cheek. “Daddy, you’re gonna make it!” she mumbled to him through her tears. “You have to!”


“I love you, Anna. You’ve always been my baby girl… even though I wasn’t there for you when you needed me…” Greenly’s words were strained, but he was fighting through his pain. He didn’t want to leave his daughter just as much as she didn’t want him to leave.



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Chapters 5 and 6 of Halo ^.^

*grins* I know you guys have been dying for it, so here's chapters 5 AND 6!!!! <333

When Murphy was finally able to slip back into Anna’s room, after getting teased mercilessly by his twin, Anna was already curled up in the bed and eyes closed. He gently laid down next to her, and pulled her close, trying not to wake her up.


“Murphy?” Anna mumbled into his shoulder.



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Continuing chapter 4

Con't of chapter 4

A hand on her arm startled her and she opened her eyes to see Murphy standing over her, “What’s wrong, Anna?” he asked. Anna swore she never heard anyone hold so much concern over her in her life.


“My fucking shoulder!” she muttered. “Help me sit up, please.”



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Chapter 4 of Halo

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!!!! I'm horrible for making you all wait!!!! <33 I realized after I promised to put it up, that I was in a little rutt with the story, so I was waiting until I could continue to write ^.^ But I finally got some inspiration and finally am writting the rest of the story, so here's chapter 4 (I broke it down into at least two parts, so here's part one of chapter 4!!!!)

Chapter 4
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