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AND THE FINAL PART! this time for reals! LOL

 Murphy walked Anna up to her room once they got back to the bar after getting their guns. “I have to stay here?” Anna whined.

Murphy chuckled and kissed her cheek. “Yes. You’re safer here. Remember how to use that gun, and if dumb-ass comes here, ya shoot him. Got it?”

“I doubt he’ll be comin’ here tonight…” Anna muttered.

“Well if he does.”

“I know I know I know…” she rolled her eyes and turned to walk into her room, but Murphy grabbed her hand and spun her around.

“I mean it.” His voice was dark, low, and dangerous. He wasn’t messing around. If that bastard came near her, he wanted her to blow his brains out and not give him a chance to hurt her. Not again. “I think I might love you, Anna.” He whispered. “And if he hurts you one more time, and you don’t do anything about it – I will. Whether you want me to or not.” His threat sent shivers up and down her spine and she tried to shake them off. Murphy saw her shiver and knew his warning got through to her. He leaned down and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

As soon as his lips found hers, Anna buried her hand in his hair, pulling him closer to her. Murphy wrapped one arm around the small of her back protectively and the other around her shoulder, keeping her in his arms. She licked at his lips, begging him to let her in. He closed his eyes in bliss and backed her against the wall. A small groan escaped Anna’s throat, making Murphy smirk proudly.

Murphy’s hand snaked out from around her waist and slowly started to move up her side to her face. He gently cupped her cheek and started to trail kisses down the side of her neck. Anna sighed and leaned her head into his hand, giving him better access to her neck. He gently nipped the skin just below her ear, making her gasp and squirm. Again, Murphy smirked proudly at himself and continued his gentle attention to her neck as she continued to squirm in his arms.

“If ye don’t stop squirmin’ like that, lass, I’m going to have no choice but to show you how much you could be squirmin’ right now!”

Anna shivered again at his threat, but this time, out of yearning. “Please do…” she thought to herself. “I’d do anything!”

Instinctively, she ground her hips into his, causing Murphy to hiss suddenly. She stopped and pulled back. “Did I hurt you?” she asked.

Murphy growled and pulled her back to him before locking her in a searing hot kiss that left her mind numb and knees weak. If Murphy hadn’t been supporting her, she would have been just a puddle on the floor. Just as quickly as the kiss started, it ended. Murphy pulled back and laid his forehead on hers. “Did that hurt?”

Anna didn’t trust her voice so she just shook her head. “Then ye have yer answer.” Anna shivered again and squirmed, trying to either get out of his grasp, or get closer to him – she wasn’t quite sure which one she wanted more.

“I…” her voice cracked and she swallowed before trying again. “I think… I think you’re brother’s waiting for you…”

Murphy looked out her door to the stairs, as if trying to see Connor. “Aye. I think you’re right.”

He kissed her again, but this time lightly before he gently rubbed her back and pulled away from her. “We’ll be back later. Protect yourself.”

Anna nodded and watched as Murphy quickly walked out of the room and down the stairs. Once he was out of her sight, she sighed and lay down on her bed. This was going to be a long night….


Later that night, Anna found herself sitting next to Murphy as he and his brother cleaned their guns and Doc was shining his silverware. She smiled when the door opened and Greenly burst it.

“SAC-O-MATIC I SAID!!!!” he cried happily making Murphy and Connor smile and laugh. Anna giggled but it was quickly replaced with a scream as a gunshot was head and Greenly fell face first into the floor.

Murphy grabbed Anna around the waste and lifted her over the bar and Connor and he jumped it. Murphy kept a strong hold on Anna, telling her to stay low and not move. “Do ya have yer gun and bullets?” he asked quietly and quickly.

Two more gun shots were heard, breaking the glass bottles and mugs that surrounded the bar.

“I’ve got nothing!” Murphy cried frantically.

“One in the hole!” Connor looked at his brother desperately.

“Anna, you better be able to shoot that thing!” Murphy turned to her. She just nodded as the tears started streaming down her face.

“FUCK YOU!” Connor yelled toward the bar, then turned to Murphy and Anna. “One… two… Three!” Anna, Murphy and Connor all jumped up and pointed their guns at the intruder, but found Doc wrapped in Ottilio’s arms and leg.

“Boys! Boys!” Doc cried.

“Put them down! Throw them over!”

“DOC!” Anna cried.

“I’ll kill the old man! Throw them over!!!” Ottilio yelled at the three of them.

Connor gently touched Murphy’s shoulder, telling him to do as Ottilio wanted, not wanting Doc to get thrown into this shit.

Anna, though, only saw red. “YOU SWORE!” she cried at him, still pointing her gun at Ottilio’s head. “YOU FUCKING SWORE TO ME THAT YOU WOULDN’T!” Murphy grabbed her gun and threw it to the floor, glaring daggers at Ottilio.

“Brothers, huh?” Ottilio muttered. “And a slut. We gonna have us some fun!” He tightened his grip on Doc and the knife he was holding to his throat. “So which one first, huh? Which one do you love more? This one?” he pointed the gun at Connor. But before he could say any more, he suddenly dropped his gun, screaming in pain. Connor, Murphy, and Anna all jumped, ready for anyone to come out of the shadows and fuck this up even more.

Ottilio let Doc go and fell to the ground as Poppa MacManus stepped out of the shadows. Anna jumped the bar as fast as she could, running to Greenly’s side.

“DADDY!!!” she cried, tears streaming down her face. “Daddy, no!!!”

Murphy and Connor were right behind her, kneeling down at Greenly’s side as well.

“Doc! Call a fucking ambulance right fucking now!” Connor yelled, gripping Greenly’s shirt. Anna sobbed and laid her head on his chest.

“Daddy, no! Please, God, no!” Greenly sputtered and raised a weak hand to place on her head in a semi-comforting manner.

“…You…” she heard Ottilio mutter.

She looked up and saw her boyfriend on his knees in front of Il Duce.

“Where’s the old man?” it was a simple question, but for some reason, it struck a chord with Anna. She shot to her feet and grabbed her gun.


“Never!” Ottilio wasn’t listening to her. He was too focused on Il Duce.

Anna watched as Il Duce placed one bullet in each of the two guns he held, spin the barrels, and lock the guns in place.

She turned to Connor and Murphy, wondering if they realized that their father was playing one sick version of Russian roulette. But they were too concerned with her father to notice their own.

“Boys… it’s over,” she heard her father mutter through his pain. Her eyes spilled over with tears so fast, she forgot she was standing and ended up collapsing onto the floor next to Murphy. Murphy threw his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him, trying to comfort her as well as himself. “It’s ok… Proudest day of my life!”

“Daddy don’t do this!!!” Anna sobbed.

“Take care of her, Murph… please…” he muttered. “And don’t be mad at her… she was just trying to save me…”

“Daddy! Stop! You’re going to live! Please!” Anna threw herself on top of him and hugged him as hard as she could. “I won’t let you die!”

The world seemed to stop around Anna as Connor and Murphy were quickly on their feet grabbing at their guns.


Anna grabbed at her father’s hand, and gently placed her other hand on his cheek. “Daddy, you’re gonna make it!” she mumbled to him through her tears. “You have to!”

“I love you, Anna. You’ve always been my baby girl… even though I wasn’t there for you when you needed me…” Greenly’s words were strained, but he was fighting through his pain. He didn’t want to leave his daughter just as much as she didn’t want him to leave.

“Stop talking like that, daddy! You’re gonna make it. Help’s on the way!”

“Make sure Murph treats ya right… Connor’ll help put ‘im in line,” Greenly’s eyes sparkled with the hint of mischievous that was almost always present in his eyes. Anna sobbed again.

“Just hold on, daddy!” she tightened her hold on his hand, and shook her head. “Please, for me, just hold on! You’re gonna make it!”


Il Duce’s voice made Anna’s head snap up. She saw Ottilio struggling to control his fear and anxiety with Il Duce’s gun pressed to his head and her anger finally boiled over.

She grabbed her gun off the floor and shot his right arm, making him drop the gun and grip his hand in pain as he screamed.

Anna stood up, still pointing the gun at the Ottilio. “That was for Connor.” She muttered so low and deadly that the boys thought they heard her wrong. Then she aimed and fired another shot at his right arm. “And that’s for Doc.” She growled out.

“Boys!” Il Duce glanced at his sons, asking them to step him and stop her.

Murphy grabbed Connor’s arm, shaking his head. He knew she had to this alone.

Anna quickly aimed her gun at his left arm, shooting that one as well, “And that one’s for Poppa MacManus!” she shot his left leg, making him fall to the floor. “That one’s for Murphy, you fucking bastard!”

Murphy smiled grimly as Anna walked up to Ottilio’s side before pulled the trigger again, shooting the Sicilian in his right leg that time, “And that one’s for my father. You sick son of a bitch.”

Murphy, Connor, and Poppa MacManus all three stared in amazement as Anna held the gun up to Ottilio’s head.

She spat in Ottilio’s face, the lowest sign of disrespect she could muster. As she glared daggers at the man who was sprawled out before her, she heard him mumble some form of an apology, a plea of sorts for her not to kill him. Anna quietly cocked back her gun and glared one last time at the man. “This is for me, you bastard. I’ll see you in Hell.”

“In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Et Spiritus Sancti.”

Anna pulled the trigger, ending Ottilio’s life, but she couldn’t look away. She was still glaring at the dead man on the floor. She was too pissed off. He had tried to kill her father, after swearing to her that he wouldn’t. He had put Doc in harm’s way. He had sent Murphy and Connor on a wild goose chase just so his boss could kill their father – her eyes suddenly snapped up to Poppa MacManus. Murphy was instantly at her side, grabbing at her gun, but she was trying to read Noah’s expression. When Noah finally nodded to her, she knew that he knew. He knew everything.


Murphy’s arm slipped around her waist and Connor finally came up next to her and took her gun. As soon as the gun was out of her hand, Anna collapsed into Murphy’s arms. “Daddy?” she asked quietly.

Murphy looked back at Greenly. With everything that had happened, Murphy hadn’t had time to digest that Greenly was her father. He slowly led her to where Greenly was still attempting to breath, though it was clear that he was losing the battle rather quickly. Anna gripped Murphy’s arm as tightly as she could as she slowly knelt down next to her father. Murphy followed, keeping a tight arm around her waist.

“Daddy, help will be here soon…”

“Murphy, get her out of here!” Greenly sputtered. “Get her the fuck out of here!”

“Daddy I’m not leaving your side!” Anna shook her head and reached out to grab his hand.

“No, Anna. Get out of here! Now.”

“Boys!” Poppa MacManus motioned for Connor and Murphy to hurry up and get up the stairs before the cops and ambulance showed up.

“Go, Anna!” Greenly weakly shoved Anna’s hands away from him, “Get yourself out of here! Murphy take her, please!”

“Daddy, you’re gonna live!” Anna sobbed again. “You have to live!”

“Come on, Anna,” Murphy tried to gently pry her away from her father’s side, but she wasn’t budging.

“Murphy! Just pick her up, for Christ’s sake!” Noah cried from across the room. “We have to leave!”

Murphy sighed and looked at Anna, “Please, Anna. For Greenly.”

“NO!” Anna started to struggle to get away from Murphy, not wanting to leave her father’s side. As gently as he could, without hurting her or forcing her to move her hurt shoulder, Murphy wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the floor, carrying her up the stairs.

It tore at every fiber of his being when she started thrashing in his arms trying to get to her father. He hated seeing her so vulnerable and upset. Every tear that slipped through her eyes and slid down her cheek broke his heart. He knew he would give anything to assure that Greenly would make it, if only to see Anna stop crying and be happy again.

Murphy held her close, trying to comfort her and not drop her at the same time. It was hard to keep a good hold on her when she wouldn’t stop thrashing around.

“Daddy!!!!” she ranged from yelling it to whimpering the simple word, not sure which one would bring about the desired effect of bringing her father back to her. “Daddy….”

Once Murphy was in the speakeasies room, he set Anna down on a chair and knelt in front of her. “Don’t run, Anna. Please. Stay right here. I’m gonna go pack some of your clothes. You’re gonna need them.”

“Let me pack!” she gripped at his arm. “Please… let me do something!” she hadn’t stopped crying, so her voice cracked, making Murphy want to cringe. This wasn’t Anna. This wasn’t the woman he had met three days ago. This wasn’t the woman he had fallen for. He hated seeing her like this. Finally, he nodded, helping her off the chair.

“Murph, where the hell are you two goin!?” Connor asked as he threw random pieces of clothing into a bag.

“We’re gettin’ Anna packed. I’ll be right back!”


Anna ran into her room and grabbed her nearest duffle bag, throwing as many clothing items as she could into it. Murphy watched her for a moment, not sure if he should step in and help her or let her work it out for herself.

When she finally collapsed onto her bed in a fit of sobs, Murphy quickly walked to her side. “Anna?” he asked quietly and he rubbed her shoulder and ran a hand through her hair. “Anna, love, look at me.”

She wiped the tears from her eyes, only to have them replaced with fresh ones, “I could have saved him, Murphy!”

Murphy sighed heavily and moved to sit next to her on the bed. “What could you have done, Anna? And we don’t even know for sure if he is dead. He could still make it.” He wanted to hit himself for how stupid he sounded – what was he trying to do? Give her false hope? If he had been honest with himself and her, the chances of Greenly making it out of this alive were slim to none. And the chances of him living and not being affected in any way were nonexistent.

Anna shifted to bury her head into his shoulder, still trying to control her tears. “I could have killed Ottilio before… God I could have done something! Anything to prevent any of this from happening in the first place!”

Murphy slowly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him as his mind put all the pieces together. Ottilio was Anna’s boyfriend. She only stayed with him because he was threatening Doc and Greenly… “Why wouldn’t you tell me that it was Ottilio?” he finally asked.

Anna let out a small half sob half dark chuckle. “I guess… I don’t know… I knew you had the right to know… but I guess I was just afraid to show how weak I really was…”

Murphy didn’t know who he was more mad at – Ottilio, himself, or Anna. Ottilio, for simply being a little bastard and hurting his precious Anna and killing his friend – no… he didn’t know if Greenly was dead yet or not. Himself, because he should have saw all the warning signs that it was Ottilio all along – the bullet in Anna’s shoulder the same night that Ottilio had tried to take them out, the text messages about if he was still at the Silver Peso just before they finished taking out Yakavetta’s men… Or maybe he was mad at Anna for not telling him, and keeping him in the dark, for not letting him protect her and Greenly. She was so stubborn! But then Greenly’s voice rang in his head. “Take care of her, Murph… please… And don’t be mad at her… she was just trying to save me…”

Murphy slowly swallowed his anger, and gently cupped her cheek, “You aren’t weak, Anna. Don’t ever believe that you are,” he looked around her room and finally stood up. “Are you going to need anything else? We have to get going before the cops show up.” Anna shook her head and let Murphy sling her duffle bag across his shoulders before offering her a hand. “Let’s go.”


Anna curled up next to Murphy on the recliner. Noah had brought them to a safe house, trying to keep everything on a down low. Anna had tried to stop crying, and Murphy had tried to help her calm down, but it seemed like nothing could make her tears stop.

Connor brought them both a plate of food later in the night, and gave Anna a cup of hot tea. Noah watched the boys and Anna closely, realizing how close they had truly gotten in just a few short days. Murphy wouldn’t leave Anna’s side, and Anna refused to let go of Murphy. Connor tried everything he could to help them both, but it seemed nothing was working. Noah didn’t like the idea of a crazy love struck hormonal girl distracting his boys and putting them all in danger, but it seemed like the boys had other things on their mind.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a proper introduction.” Noah finally broke the silence.

Murphy looked up at his father and nodded, “Da, this is Anna. Anna, this is our Da, Noah.”

“Call me Da.” Noah noded to Anna.

“I’m sorry, sir… I –“ Anna tried to explain her situation, but Noah raised a hand.

“Time will tell and heal what happened.”

Anna nodded and snuggled closer to Murphy as Connor gently rubbed her back.

Once Anna finally fell asleep in Murphy’s arms, Noah eyed his boys suspiciously.

“Boys, why this?”

Murphy looked down at Anna and gently pulled her closer, protectively. Noah nodded in understanding.

“Da – “ Connor went to explain, but Noah raised a hand.

“No, I understand. This is love. But believe me, boys. Love can hurt you far more than you would ever believe.”

Murphy nodded – love did hurt. It hurt him every time Anna cried. It hurt him worse now that she wouldn’t stop crying. He wanted to hold her and stop her tears and take away her pain.

Connor glanced at his brother and Anna and shook his head. Whatever that girl did to his brother, Murphy was lost to her. He would do anything for Anna, and that, in return, meant that Connor would do anything for Anna as well.

“Get some sleep, boys. You’re gonna need it.” Noah stood up and left the room, leaving Connor and Murphy alone.

Murphy and Connor glanced at each other, sharing a look of knowing. Connor curled up on the couch and turned the light off.


Anna woke with a start just as Murphy and Connor did. Murphy and Connor exchanged a look – that dream had been too real. Anna simply hugged Murphy tight, not wanting to close her eyes again for fear of re-living her father’s death again. Murphy pulled her close, still looking at his brother.


Murphy and Connor sat across from each other at the table, with Anna sitting to Murphy’s left. Anna watched as Connor and Noah both took the coffee they had been offered. Anna played with her cup absentmindedly, watching Murphy’s expression.

“I’m so sorry, boys.” Their father started talking. “This was all my fault.”

Murphy glanced at his father and Anna raised an eyebrow. How was this all Noah’s faul?

“There’s a few things your Da needs to tell youse,” as he went into a lengthy story about his childhood and how he got dragged into the life he led, Anna slipped off into her own world.

Was her dad ok? Did he live? Did he die? Was Noah going to make the boys drop her back off at Doc’s and leave her there? Was Murphy pissed now that he knew what really happened? He hadn’t said much to her since they left Doc’s, and he would barely look at her. Connor would shoot worried looks at her, probably expecting her to break down in tears again like she had last night. But she was too tired to cry. She couldn’t live the rest of her life crying her eyes out. So she sat quietly, thinking to herself.

“Jesus…” she finally heard Murphy breathe. She glanced up, and Connor was looking incredulously at his father.

“How’d ya end up inside, Da?”

Anna wanted to know the same thing, but didn’t say anything.

“Back in ’75 I did a piece of work. I come out, and the police was waitin’ for me.” He looked between his two sons as if trying to gauge their reactions. Then he looked directly at Anna. “He set me up. Twenty-five to life.”

Murphy looked at his dad, then his brother, and then at Anna before shaking his head and looking back at his father. “Why’d he set you up?” he asked.

“I can’t wait to ask him!” Noah responded, looking directly at his younger son.

Connor stared at his father for a moment. “Why didn’t ya flip on him, Da?” he finally asked. “The guy fucked ya!”

Noah looked sadly between the two and then at Connor, “He had learned of the birth of my sons.” He finally explained.

Murphy nodded, understanding, and Connor just shook his head.

Anna kept her head down, still thinking over everything that had happened in the last few years of her life.

“So what’s the plan, then?” Connor finally asked. “How are we going to do this shit, Da?”

Anna looked up at Noah finally and found him staring straight at Connor. “I need time to talk with him.”

“Talk with him? But why, Da?!” Murphy questioned. “Why not just kill the motherfucker!?”

Anna placed a hand on Murphy’s arm to silence him. “Sometime peace of mind comes only when you know the final answer to the question, not when the person responsible for all of your misery is dead.” She spoke softly.

Noah nodded in agreement. “I don’t know why he sold me out, boys. I want to know why. I want to know what motivated him to turn on me.”

Murphy finally nodded and wrapped an arm around Anna’s shoulders. “Then what’s the game plan?”

“The game plan is rather simple…”

For the next hour and a half, the boys talked over strategies and plans for when they would take out ‘The Old Man’. Anna simply listened. Again, it wasn’t her place to speak. This was a family matter – she was an intruder. An outsider who had no right being there, but by circumstances that she couldn’t control, she was there.

Finally, Noah decided that they had planned enough to leave it, getting up and telling the boys they needed to sleep if they were going to pull this off. Murphy turned to Anna finally and smiled at her. “Come on,” he muttered as he helped her up.

Anna followed, blindly, her mind still on her father. He lead her into a small room with one bed and a small night stand. Anna blinked. What happened to the room they had slept in last night? Murphy gently led her to the bed and sat her down. “Come here, Anna…” he murmured before he kissed her lips gently. Anna sighed, her mind slowly going numb at the feel of Murphy’s soft lips on hers.

“Relax, Anna.” He muttered against her lips and he sat down next to her. “You’re too tense, love…” Anna kissed him back slowly at first before pulling away, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he wrapped his arms around her, gently rubbing circles on her back.

Anna shook her head before softly kissing his neck, wrapping her own arms around his frame. “Nothin’… just a little distracted…”

Murphy looked down at the girl in his arms. She cuddled closer to him, her back muscles so tense he got the image of piano wires snapping. He winced. If she didn’t relax, she was going to snap – and he didn’t want to get in the middle of that, because God only knew what she was capable of if she snapped. He had seen her mad, had seen her kill, and had watched as her mental state of mind slipped and sent her into a whirlwind of emotions as she watched her father slowly die before her eyes.

Connor had called Bloom the night before, wanting to know as much of Greenly’s condition as he could, but Bloom couldn’t confirm anything other than that the ambulance was taking him to the hospital, and he was alive… barely, but he was still alive. The news had only made Anna cry harder, wanting to be as near to her father as possible. She hated the idea of him dying alone.

As gently as he could, Murphy maneuvered Anna so her back was against him, and he was leaning against the headboard of the bed. He then started to slowly and gently massage Anna’s shoulders. She sighed and let her head fall forward, trusting Murphy. He paid close attention to every sound she made and every shift of her body – there was no doubt in his mind that if she was this tense, it could potentially hurt to massage it out. Slowly and carefully, Murphy added a little more pressure, working out the kinks and knots around her shoulder blades. Anna groaned in protest, and tried to pull away, the muscles sore from stress and over work.

“Relax.” It was a gentle command, not harsh – more of a friendly suggestion.

“I’d relax more if I knew my dad was ok…” she mumbled something else that Murphy couldn’t quite hear.

“What?” he asked as his hands stopped.

“What?” Anna forced an innocent ‘I don’t know what you’re asking’ look.

“What did you say?”

“I said I’d be more relaxed if I knew my daddy was alive.” She stated, moving away from Murphy’s grasp, a sure sign to him that she was lying through her teeth.

“Bull shit, Anna. What did you say after that?”

“I didn’t say anything!” she narrowed her eyes, not caring if Murphy took offence at this point.

“You’re gettin’ defensive, you’re hiding something.”

Anna huffed and sat away from him, crossing her arms over her chest. “Well it’s not like I have nothing to be defensive about, now is there?” she spat.

Murphy blinked. What the hell was with her? “What’s that supposed to mean?” he finally asked.

“I’m coming with you guys.”

Murphy gave her a questioning look. “Comin’ with us?” he asked, praying she didn’t mean what he thought.

“I’m coming with you guys when you take out Louis.”

Murphy nearly fell over himself as he suddenly threw himself off of the bed and stood before Anna. “Absolutely not! I thought I made it painfully clear last time, you are NOT coming with us, ever! Too many things could go wrong!”

“You’re so unreasonable!” Anna cried. “I am perfectly capable of helping you! And one extra hand could be helpful! I’ve got plenty of reason to kill that son of a bitch, damnit! Just as much as your dad does! I want to help! I’m going to help!” she stood up to face Murphy toe-to-toe. She wasn’t going to back down.

“No. You are not coming with us!” Murphy growled. This routine was getting really old really fast.

“And why the fuck not!?”

Murphy gripped her shoulders, as if touching her would help her absorb was he was saying – osmosis, he guessed. He sighed, frustrated. Didn’t she get it? This was his brother’s and his calling, and she couldn’t just come along… the last person he let into the group, besides Romeo, was killed, damn it! Couldn’t she understand and drop it!? “Because!” he finally blurted out.

“That’s not an answer, Murphy MacManus.” Anna narrowed her eyes.

“God Damn It, Anna!” Murphy cried. “Ye jist can’t go wi’ us!” in his frustration, his Irish accent became thicker, and harder to understand. “Why can’t ye jist understand tha? I told ye no, and tha’ means no!”

Anna glared at him for a moment before huffing and stomping out of the room, nearly knocking Connor over in the process of trying to get as far away from Murphy as possible.

“WOAH!” Connor caught her arms and took a step back from her, “Slow down, there! What’s going on?”

“Let me go!” Anna glared at Connor, trying to shove past him, but he was having none of it.

“Now wait just a minute! What’s going on!? Why are ye tryin’ ta get away, Anna?”

Just as the question left his mouth, Murphy slipped out of the door and stopped when he saw Anna struggling to get out of Connor’s grasp.

“Leave me alone! All of you!” Anna growled.

“Hold on! If any of us has any right ta be pissed off and upset…” Murphy snapped. “I think it’d be me! Ye knew all along! From the very beginning! And ye just let us believe that ye had nothing ta do with Panza and Louis! Ye put us all in danger, and kept yer little secret all to yerself and stubbornly refused to ask fer help!” Somewhere in the back corner of his mind, Murphy knew he was hurting her, bringing up her mistakes and treating her like this, but he shoved that thought to the back of his mind again – after all, she had lied to him!

“Oh, like you wouldn’t do that same fuckin’ thing, ya bastard!” Anna spat. “I was trying to protect my father! And Doc! And you’re going to accuse me of hurting you!? You’re such a selfish prick!” Anna cried. She has stopped trying to get out of Connor’s grasp, and Connor had let her go, trying to follow the argument.

“Selfish prick!?” Murphy laughed sarcastically. “Selfish!? Really, Anna? Really, now?” his tone was harsh, cutting, and accusing. “If I’m so fucking selfish then why is it that I spent the entire night tryin’ ta comfort ye after yer boyfriend, the man who tried to kill us, the man that ye were datin’, shot yer dear father!? If I’m so selfish, why did I stay by yer side after ye got shot? Hmmm? God fucking damn it, Anna! Open yer eyes for once!”

“Fuck off!” Anna snapped back at him, her face flushed red with frustration, embarrassment, and anger. “Ye have no – You have no idea what it’s like to have a gun up to your head every single night! You have no idea what it’s like to not have control over your own fucking life! You don’t have any inkling as to how hard it is to live your life every day, knowing that if you make one wrong step, it could end your life, and the people you love!” Anna’s voice dropped, and her tone turned deadly. “You don’t have any idea of what it’s like to watch your father die, you son of a bitch. So don’t you dare tell me to open my eyes!”

“Boys!” Noah stepped out of his small room to where the boys and Anna were standing. “What’s going on?”

Murphy stared at Anna for the longest time, trying to digest what she was saying, and Connor kept looking between the two of them.

Anna snapped her head to Noah and crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m coming with you when you take out Louis.” She stated to him, ignoring Murphy indignant squawk of protest.

Noah stared at her for a moment before nodding his head.

Murphy gawked, “DA! What? NO!”

“I understand your need to come with us, Anna. But you will be of better use to us here, with the other detectives. You can help us by helping them. We have the backup we need, with me boys and Romeo. What we need you to do is stay back here, with Duffy, Dolly, and Bloom, to help cover our tracks at the end. Do you understand, Anna?”

Murphy stared at his dad for a moment before turning to Anna. She was still looking stubborn and frustrated, but her resolve was slowly slipping. She nodded finally, signaling that she understood why Noah wanted her to stay behind. Murphy sighed and turned to thank his father, but his dad had already retreated back into his room.

Connor turned to address Anna, wanting to know what started the argument between his brother and her. He watched her for a moment as she backed herself up to the wall and slowly slid down into a sitting position.

Anna brought her knees up to her chest and rested her elbows on her kneecaps, and placed her head in her hands. Connor and Murphy both watched as she exhaled slowly and let one tear fall from the corner of her eye. “Fuck my life…” they heard her mutter softly. Connor took a step towards her, but was quickly stopped when Murphy held him back and swiftly knelt down in front of Anna.

“Let’s get you to bed… It’s been a long day already.” Murphy muttered, his anger forgotten and his frustration thrown out the window. He had other, more important things to worry about than a petty little argument between two stubborn as fuck beings such as himself and Anna. All he wanted to do was help her, not hurt her; not really…

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and helped her off the floor and guided her back to the small room. Connor was left standing in the hallway, feeling a little more than confused and concern. What could have happened to them both to make them so angry with each other one minute, and then gentle and caring the next? He knew his brother to be hard headed and stubborn, and generally quick tempered, but never had he seen his brother change so drastically so fast.

The next morning, Connor, Murphy, Romeo, and Anna were perched on the backend of a large van waiting for Special Agent Bloom and Poppa MacManus to get done talking. While Connor and Romeo readied their guns for the day’s hit, Anna and Murphy were talking.
“You’re gonna go with Bloom. She’ll take care of you, she knows what she’s doing.” Murphy smiled slightly.
“I don’t feel right. This situation… it’s all wrong.” Anna glanced nervously at Connor and Romeo. “This is going to end badly. I can feel it.”
Murphy smiled reassuringly at her. “Stop worrying. It’ll work out fine. I promise. It always does. Besides, we have our Da with us. But you need to go with bloom and make sure everything outside goes as planned. Got it?”
Anna nodded, “Ya, I got it. But what if you don’t make it out of there?”
“We will.”
“Come on, Anna.” Connor smiled at her. “We’re big boys! We’ve done with before. Lots of times! There’s no need to worry, lass.”
“With you two, there’s always something to worry about.” She muttered under her breath.
“Anna, are you ready?” Bloom asked as she walked up to the group.
Poppa MacManus shot her a look, and Anna quickly ducked her head in defeat. “Alright. Where are we going?”
“I’m not sure.”
Murphy quickly hugged Anna and pecked her on the cheat before climbing into the van with his brother, father, and friend.
“Bye, Murph.” Anna muttered quietly as the van drove off.
Anna stood back and watched as Bloom started yelling at the dead detective. She found the situation slightly amusing, but at the same time, very confusing. Smecker was dead. And just like Bloom, Anna had attended his funeral. So what hell?
“Now, what do you think is going on?” Smecker finally asked.
Anna thought for a second before smiling the first time since she found out what had happened at the job. They were going to free the Saints. They were going to get Connor and Murphy out of there!
“Where are they being held?” Smecker’s look of pure determination made Anna smile even more.
“Let’s bust ‘em out! What are we waiting for!?!” Anna jumped at the opportunity to finally be helpful and get the Saints out of jail.
“Now that’s the attitude!” Smecker smiled at her. “It’s so nice to see you again, Anna. You’ve grown up so much. But how did you get involved in all of this?”
Smecker nodded. “Ok, then. Let’s get to the monastery. I’m sure there’s a few things we need to go over before we start a jailbreak.”
Anna stood in the doorway of the small room that she was to share with Bloom for several seconds before she could believe her eyes. “…D…d…daddy?” she asked tentatively.
The man lying on the bed in the room smiled at her. “Hey sweetheart. I was hoping to see you soon.”
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