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Halo - the 1st Part of 3

 So here's the 1st part. Since I'm special and didn't remember where I had left off >.< LOL there may be (actually, i know there are lots) of problems with these chapters, so if you see a problem or fuck up, just leave a message on the chapter, and i'll be happy to fix it!!! <3 SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE!

Halo: a Murphy MacManus Fanfiction

“Doc!” Anna called as she walked into the bar, carrying cases of Guinness, Jack, and Smirnoff. “Doc! Where are you? I need to know where you want these!”

Doc walked as swiftly as he could out of the back and motioned for Anna to follow him. “B-b-back here, Anna,” he opened the small cooler he kept stocked for his most valued customers.

It had been nearly eight years since he had last seen the MacManus brothers, but he knew they were coming back. The news stories and accusations of the Saints had Doc worried. He knew the boys just as well, if not better than Duffy, Dolly, and Greenly. He knew it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they weren’t going to let whoever killed that priest go.

“Doc!” Anna cried. The old man had her worried. He had been so distracted lately, slipping off into his own world, completely stopping everything he was working on to just stare off into space.

After her mother died four years ago, and her father buried himself in his work, she had slipped comfortably into life at McGinty’s. In the four years she had been working for him, she had never seen him so … distracted. It had her on edge. Doc may have been an old man, but he was as sharp as a tack. He certainly did not show his age in his mind. So the fact that he was acting like this worried Anna.

She brushed a strand of her dark red hair behind her ear and laid her hand on his shoulder. “Doc!” she tried again.

Doc shook himself out of his thoughts and smiled at Anna. “What d-d-did y-y-y-… Fuck! Ass! Something wrong?”

Anna chuckled at his turrets outbursts and shook her head. “I was just wondering what else you wanted me to do. Before I go to bed?”

Doc looked around the bar and shrugged.”I g-g-guess that’s a-a-all, Anna, th-th-thank you. You can l-l-l-l-lea-l-l-l, fuck! Good night.”

Anna nodded and walked towards the stairs. “Oh… hey, if Dumb Ass shows up tonight, can you tell him you haven’t seen me in a few days? Maybe make up a story about getting abducted or something… I don’t know. Use your imagination. I don’t feel like ever seeing him again.”

Doc looked at the girl. When she had come to him four years ago, she had been a quiet thing. She had been so upset and so scared, having watched her mother die. Over the years, she had slipped comfortably into his humble bar. She got to know him and his customers quiet well, and he had gotten to know her. She had slowly opened up and shown him what a true spitfire she really was behind her shy exterior when he first met her. He had really taken a liking to her, easily slipping into a grandfatherly role for her. Her father almost completely forgotten about her, having forced himself into his work so deeply he barely had time to eat anymore. Doc felt that Anna needed a role model in her life, someone who would be there for her, so he decided to try and be that for her.

But now he wondered if he could be what she needed; if he could be the protector in her life. He was old, and needed help with a cane to get around – how was he supposed to help and protect her? He knew she could easily take care of herself – he had seen her bounce men four times her size with little effort out of the bar for disrespecting him and the bar. He had seen her hold her own in a fight and prove quite capable of defending herself if need be. But for some reason, she couldn’t protect herself against this new boyfriend. He wondered what really went on with them. “Battered Wife Syndrome” The term passed through his mind before he shook it off, not wanting to think of how his Anna could put herself in that situation. *how doc took her in, concerns/why he thinks of her as a granddaughter… ya*

Doc silently thanked God that the boys would be coming soon. She needed to be saved just as badly as, if not more than, Boston. He hoped they could help her realize how much more to life there was than him and the bar. She was like a granddaughter to him, and to watch her throw her life away and stay cooped up in the bar with an old man like him… he didn’t like it. The boys could hopefully pull her out of her shell and put some adventure into her life.

Doc tried to look her in the eyes. The old saying “the eyes are the window to the soul” was right on the money when it came to Anna. If she was in any immediate trouble, her eyes would betray her. She had a past with trusting people and getting hurt, so she wore a mask to fool every one. But her eyes would always tell the true story. She tried to hide from him, ashamed to admit how terrified she really was of what he could do, but she couldn’t avoid eye contact for long. He saw the flash of fear that she would never admit to feeling, though that fear was quickly replaced with anger. Whether it was directed at herself or at her boyfriend, Doc couldn’t tell – although he wouldn’t be surprised if it was both.

“W-w-what did he d-d-d-do n-n-n-now?” Doc finally asked, the question slipping out of his mouth before he could stop it.

Anna’s dark blue eyes flashed violently, almost making Doc flinch out of sheer shock. “Nothing. He’s just pissing me off.” She spat, her tone flat, low, and dangerous, daring anyone to ask about him again.

Doc shifted, “…Anna… why don’t you…”

“Drop it, Patrick Shannon McGinty.” Anna growled at Doc. “Just sprout off bull shit to him to get him to leave. Please?” her eyes softened and her shoulders fell as she walked back to him. “Please, Doc. For me?” she asked quietly.

Doc nodded and pulled her into a hug. Something was up, but Doc knew better than to push her. She would only clam up and shut everyone out.

After a moment, Anna let go of him and walked up to her small room above the bar. After a quick shower, and a change of clothes (a white tank top and black pajama pants), Anna curled up in her bed and closed her eyes.

Anna’s dreams were filled with him. The things he did to her; his venom words, his disgusting touches and everything else that made her sick. The things he made her do; helping with his little scheme, being the little ‘distraction’ when need be. The things he made her watch… She was there when he killed that priest. She watched as he dragged the priest up the stairs and placed him on his knees. She was petrified. She wanted to help the poor priest, but he had made it perfectly clear that if she made one move, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her. The poor man begged for her to help him, tears streaming down his face.

Anna woke with a start; tears soaked her pillow and her cheeks were wet. She heard loud noises from the speakeasies room and was startled out of her bed. She grabbed a bat and gun and quietly slipped out of her room and into the hallway. She stopped outside of the door and pressed her ear up to it.

As she listened, she heard Doc yelling right along with three other men. Curiously, she pushed the door open.

A blonde man was running after a Mexican, causing Doc to laugh. “LOBSTER DICK! LOOK AT ME! I’M LOBSTER DICK!!!”

Apparently, though, after a second, they realized that she was in the door, causing the blonde man to drop the lobster and stare at her. The Mexican tried to stop himself, but he slipped on some Guinness and fell on his back. A dark haired man that had been rolling on the pool table fell off and landed on top of the Mexican.

“Gah!” they both yelled.

“I thought you said no one knew this was here!” the blonde cried at Doc.

The darker haired man gripped onto his bottle of Jack as he tried to get off the Mexican. “Yeah!” he muttered drunkenly.

“Doc, what is this?” Anna asked as she turned sharply on the older Irish man, the man who she viewed as a grandfather, the man she wanted to protect at all costs. And if these were the Saints, she was fucked. “What’s going on?”

“Anna! These are the boys!” Doc said happily. “Connor, Murphy… Fuck! Ass! A-a-and r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r Fuck! Their Mexican! Boys, meet me assistant, Anna! Anna, m-m-m-meet m-m-me b-b-boys!”

The light haired man turned to her, distrust in his bright blue eyes. “I’m Connor. It’s nice to meet ye, Anna.”

Anna nodded, but made no move. “Nice to meet you, as well, Lobster Dick.”

The Mexican with a Mohawk looking Mullet thing going on quickly scrambled to his feet and stuck his hand in her face. “I’m Romeo.” His speech was slurred, signaling to Anna that he had already had too much to drink.

“So… you must be Murphy?” Anna asked the man who was still having problems trying to get off the ground.

“Aye!” he called as he finally found his grip on the pool table. “That be me!”

“Doc, what is this?” she asked again, praying that he would tell her it was all a joke and the Saints weren’t staying at McGinty’s. “I thought you said the boys vanished!”

“Th-th-that I d-d-did, Anna! B-b-b-but I kn-kn-knew they w-w-were coming b-b-back! Wh-wh-when I s-s-saw the n-n-news s-s-story FUCK! ASS!”

“And you, what? Conveniently forgot to tell me?” Anna set her gun and bat down on a table. “I would have had food ready. Other than the Lobster Dick.” She tried to make light of the situation, not wanting to jump to conclusions and make irrational decisions that could get her in more trouble.

“Oh I like her!” Romeo called, lifting another shot to his lips.

Anna stared at him for a moment, trying to figure out why the Mexican was with the boys. “Thanks…” she furrowed her eyebrows slightly for a second before shaking her head and turned back to the pool table. She started to grab the empty bottles of whiskey, beer, and vodka, silently wishing she worked for a woman instead of a man.

“Hey!” Murphy cried as he tried to reach out to the empty whiskey bottle in her hand. Mid-grab, Murphy slowed, swaying slightly as he watched Anna smile slightly, her face being the only clear thing in the room as the background and everything else was blurry from all the alcohol. He tilted his head slightly, focusing on not falling forward as he contemplated why she would be smiling at him. He focused on her face, her smile, anything to keep from focusing on how the world was slowly spinning in circles. She was cute… scratch that, she was the hottest thing he’s seen in eight years… fuck he was drunk. Then he looked at the bottle in her hand and remembered why he was trying to get close to her again. Quickly, he made to grab at the bottle again, not wanting to watch the wonderful drink be taken away from him.

“It’s empty for one, Murph, hon.” Anna informed the drunken Irish man. “And two, I think you’ve all had enough. You’re gonna have a hangover like no one’s business in the morning.”

“L-l-l-let the b-b-boys have their f-f-f-fun, Anna!” Doc gently laid a hand on her shoulder then turned to pull more whiskey out of the small cooler. “H-h-h-have a d-d-d-drink with u-u-u-us!”

Anna looked between the bottles of whiskey and Doc to the three other males. She sighed. It was better than Ottilio.


Three hours later, Anna found herself laughing hysterically while Connor stared down Doc.

“Not this time, you little shit!” Doc spat across the table at Connor, making him smirk.

“We’ll see about that, old man.” The total affection the boys had for Doc shining through his drunken gaze. Romeo drowned a shot quickly, waiting for what happened next.

Anna watched carefully as Connor playfully glared down Doc.

“Would somebody please come over here and…” Connor’s voice rose with excitement with each word.

“FUCK!” Doc’s turrets couldn’t be controlled.

“…me up the…”

“ASS!” Anna giggled to herself as Romeo started cackling.

“Yes! That’s what he done! That’s what he done every time! I took you down, old man! I took you down!” Connor cried over Romeo’s cackles.

Anna watched as Murphy collapsed onto the floor in a fit of hysterical laughter. She laughed along, finding the boys’ reactions funnier than the joke itself. They were well past wasted, but she found that she liked it. They were so carefree, so full of life, and not giving a damn that her boyfriend was out to kill them.

Fuck! She stopped laughing. These men were Connor and Murphy MacManus. The Saints of South Boston. And her boyfriend was out to kill them and their father! Fuck her life!

“Something wrong?” Romeo slurred.

“No. I’m going to bed. I work tomorrow.”

Doc paused, taking a good long look at the girl. “Ye don’t work til a-a-after 5.”

“I have chores I need to do.” As she grabbed the empty bottles, Murphy grabbed her hand.

“What’s wrong, Las?” his speech was slightly slurred, but his voice told her that he was sober enough. She glanced at his hand and nearly pulled away the sudden warm feeling between his hand and hers. For a brief moment she wondered what it would be like, if he wrapped those arms around, whispering to her that she would be alright, and laying her head on his shoulder… Anna shook her head, chastising herself mutely for drinking so much. Ottilio would kill her, simply put a gun to her head and pull the trigger, if he ever found out where her thoughts just lead her.

Quickly, Anna ripped her hand out from under his and grabbed at another bottle. “Nothing. I’m just tired.”

She made the mistake then of glancing into his smoky blue eyes. For a drunken Irish vigilante, he certainly could pin her with a knowing stare that almost made her crack. For a split second she contemplated telling him everything, but thought better of it and clamped her mouth shut. She was positive that he noticed her hiding, just not exactly sure what.

But instead of pushing the subject, Murphy just nodded and stepped out of her way as she moved past him.

“Good night boys!” she called. “Good night, Doc,” she stopped at the old man and kissed his cheek. “Love you, see you tomorrow.”

With that, she walked out of the room with all of the empty bottles and dirty dishes. She walked down the stairs carefully and placed the dishes in the sink and the bottles in the recycle bin.

Then she proceeded to climb the stairs again.

For two hours she laid on her bed, trying to fall asleep. Anna tossed and turned, trying to get comfortable. She sighed and looked at the clock. 4:07 AM.

“Fuck my life.” She muttered as she threw the blankets off of her and stumbled down the stairs.

As silently as she could, Anna ran dish water.

As she quietly washed dishes, she let her mind wonder. Ottilio Panza… She groaned to herself. The short little fucker… She really didn’t know how she managed to get involved with the bastard. They had met at church. She thought he was a good guy. So she gave him a chance, but then she started getting… possessive. Then protective. And then he started to become abusive. She fought him tooth and nail; if he hit her, she would hit him, twice as hard.

But then he would pull guns on her, threatening her with her life. She started to hate him. Hate everything he made her do, hating everything he made her watch. She was trying to avoid him now. But he was threatening her family and loved ones. She couldn’t just walk out and then watch as he killed off everyone she held dear.

Anna jumped and screamed, pulling a knife out of the sink and spinning around when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Murphy jumped out of the way of the knife before she could stab him and quickly clamped his hand over her mouth and an arm around her waist. He pulled her close to his chest, trying to keep her quiet and calm so she didn’t wake up anyone else or hurt herself… or him, for that matter.

“Calm down, Anna.” Murphy hushed her.

“Mrrheee?” his hand muffled her voice, but that wasn’t what she was focused on. Being this close to the man she only met less than five hours ago was surprisingly arousing in a ‘He’s still a dangerous stranger’ kind of way that had her head spinning. His broad shoulders felt nice pressed up against her back – No Anna! You have a boyfriend! Get your head on straight, girl! She tried to scold herself, but when his mouth was so close to her ear…

“Aye. ‘Tis me.” Murphy nodded as his breath grazed her cheek, making her involuntarily shiver. “Now please put the knife down.”

When Anna placed the knife on the counter, Murphy let her go. She spun around to face him, completely confused as to why he was up, much less in the kitchen. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“I could ask you the same question, thought I believe it’s clear you were doing dishes. So I guess the next obvious question would be… Why are you doing the dishes at 4 in the morning?”

Anna shrugged. “I couldn’t sleep.”

“Neither could I.” Murphy muttered as he leaned up against the sink.

“What do you want, Murphy?” Anna asked. From her experiences, men only wanted two things from her – beer or sex.

“I wanna talk.” He answered simply as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

“Don’t smoke in here.” Anna snapped.

Murphy raised his eye brow but made no move to put his smoke out.

“I said don’t smoke in here. Our smoke alarms are way too sensitive.” Anna tried to make a move to snatch the smoke out of his mouth, but he grabbed her wrist lightly and pulled her gently into his arms. Murphy slowly removed the cigarette and flipped into the sink full of water.

“Like you?” he asked quietly. “Doc’s talked non-stop about you all night. He’s worried about you, Anna.”

“Yeah? Well he hasn’t exactly made it a walk in the park for me, either. Being all distracted and silent.”

“That’s what I’m trying to say! He’s worried about you. What’s been going on? I know you don’t know me at all, but Doc’s been worried sick over you. I knew that the second we walked into the bar tonight; I could see it in his eyes. He was waitin’ for someone else.” Murphy dipped his head to look her in the eyes. “He knows you’re terrified of something, but you’re too proud to upset an old man. So instead, how about ye just tell me, and me brother and I can take care of it. Get it off both of you and Doc’s chest. Win/Win situation.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Anna mumbled quietly, trying to hide her eyes.

Murphy gently lifted her head to see her eyes. He was still slightly tipsy, not exactly knowing what was driving his impulses, but he ducked his head and gently laid his lips on hers in a chaste kiss.

Anna froze. Was he really kissing her? She just met the guy! But he was so gentle, and the sparks and electricity that was radiating between them had her head spinning. She didn’t know why or when she started to kiss him back, but soon she found herself pressed up against the sink with Murphy’s hand running through her hair.

Just as quickly as the kiss began, though, Anna gathered her senses and shoved him back, breathing heavily like she just ran a marathon.

“That was…” Murphy started, but Anna held up her hand.

“Not supposed to happen and completely wrong. I have a boyfriend.” She turned back to the dishes and started vigorously scrubbing at a random plate.

Murphy watched her, still trying to gather his thoughts. She had taken the words right out of his mouth. That was completely wrong, and not supposed to happen, but fuck… “Anna, I’m sorry.” He said, trying to shake the thought of kissing her again out of his mind. She didn’t respond, nor did she give any indication that she had actually heard him. She just kept scrubbing violently at the same dish.

“Anna.” Murphy placed his hand on her shoulder and tried to catch her attention. “Anna, look at me.”

Anna shrugged his hand off and continued to wash her dishes. “Go to bed, Murphy.”

“No.” Murphy shook his head and grabbed her shoulder again. “Would ye just tell me? If for no other reason, for Doc’s health?!”

“Don’t you dare bring Doc into this!” Anna spat as she spun around and glared daggers at the man. She couldn’t look too mad for long, though. She sighed and leaned against the sink. “Murphy, look. I’m sure you’re worried about Doc, but he’s fine. The only thing that’s wrong with him is his worry over me, and I’m perfectly fine. You can tell him that yourself, if you want. I’ve tried to tell him, and he won’t believe me.”

“He thinks yer boyfriend’s abusive.” His blunt statement shocked Anna. How had Doc figured it out? She had hidden it so well, or as well as she could. She didn’t think Doc had caught on.

“That’s absurd.” Anna finally snapped. “Why would I stay with an abusive boyfriend?”

“That was Doc’s question.” Murphy moved closer to her and tilted her head up to meet her eyes. He wasn’t sure what was drawing him to her, but some force of nature made him question whether or not he was as tipsy as he believed he was.

Anna quickly ducked her head and avoided eye contact with the man. Damn him! Those smoky blue eyes of his had a power over her that no one else has ever had. She wouldn’t be able to say no this man for much longer.

“Murphy please.”

“Please what? Let you slip into a depression and break Doc’s heart? Let you walk into a trap? Let your boyfriend break you?” Murphy was getting mad now. Why was she so stubborn? Didn’t she realize how much she meant to Doc? Didn’t she realize the sparks that flew every time they touched? Did she really want to shove him away? She knew him and his brother were the Saints. She knew they could protect her. Why was she being so damned stubborn?

Anna shook her head, keeping her emotions in check. “Please just drop it. I’m fine. He’s not abusive.”

“Maybe not physically.” Murphy tilted her head back slightly and caught her eyes. “Anna, please. For Doc. For yourself. For me, if you have to. But please let someone in. Talk to someone.”

“Talk to you.” Her voice held a hint of defeat.

“Aye. That would be nice.” Murphy agreed.

“Murphy, look… I… I’m fine. I’m just in a tight situation. I’ve never been touched…” she winced slightly at the blatant lie and quietly, under her breath, added “too hard…”

“I heard that.” Murphy’s eyes flashed violently and he backed her into the sink. “Anna, if he touched you, if he hurt you, left a mark, anything like that…” he left the sentence open, let it hang in the air for her to mull over what his reaction would be.

“You don’t know me, Murphy.”

“Aye. ‘Tis true. But that can change. I’ve never liked it when beautiful women are placed in bad situations.” Murphy again shifted slightly, placing his forehead on hers.

“Well then you don’t have to worry about me.” Anna snapped. She hadn’t meant to say it, but it came out. A self defense mechanism, if you could call it that.

Murphy looked at her. Was she serious? Did she not realize what she did to him? Did she really believe that she wasn’t beautiful? “Wrong, lass. I have to worry about you twice as much.” Then he did it again. He kissed her. She was right. This was wrong, but he couldn’t help himself. She was so beautiful, and so damned stubborn. He had fallen hard for her; he only hoped she had fallen just as hard for him.

She couldn’t believe that he was kissing her again. She loved it, which worried her. She shouldn’t love kissing this man. No matter how good the Saints were, they were still men. They were lying, cheating bastards who never kept promises and only wanted beer and sex. ‘Oh God…’ she thought as she felt his tongue gently lick at her closed lips. She couldn’t say no to that. With a small whimper, she parted her lips and allowed him to deepen the kiss, even after chastising herself.

Murphy was surprised when she allowed him to deepen their kiss, though he was certainly pleased. The second she silently gave him permission, he wrapped his arm around her waist so tightly and so protectively he thought he might snap her in half. As he devoured her mouth in a searing hot kiss that left his brain completely numb, he noticed faintly that she tasted like the sweetest honey and vanilla.

He groaned quietly when she pressed herself against him. “I wouldn’t do that, Lass,” he warned her quietly. “If you don’t want me to take you right here.”

Anna blushed, but quickly got over it and turned her head away, trying to escape his grasp. “What are you doing?”

“Kissing you.” Murphy answered simply.

“You know this is wrong.”

“You kissed me back.” Anna couldn’t argue with his logic, and if she was honest with herself, she didn’t want to. But she also couldn’t just let him kiss her, not when she was still supposedly with Ottilio. Groaning, she shoved against his chest. “Get out of the kitchen. I’m working.”

It was Murphy’s turn to groan. “Why are you so fucking stubborn?!”

Anna turned sharply and glared daggers at him. “Oh I’m the stubborn one?! I’m not the one trying to seduce someone who has a boyfriend! I’m not the one who can’t get it through his thick skull that I’m fucking fine!”

Murphy started to walk away and raked a hand through his hair. Quickly he turned back to her and gently grabbed her shoulders. “Tell me you’re at least… trying to get out of that relationship?”

Anna looked him in the eyes and sighed. His eyes held nothing but caring and compassion. “I’m trying. But it’s not that simple.”

“I understand that. But I can help.”

“Why? Why do you feel the need to help me?” she asked. “Do you feel sorry for me? Do you feel the need to protect me for a reason or is it just so Doc will stop talking about me?” she didn’t know why she was asking him, but it slipped out before she could stop it.

“What? Lass, have ye lost it?” his frustration made Murphy’s already thick Irish accent even thicker. “Anna, I’m doing this for you. No one should be in a bad relationship.”

“And the kisses?”

Murphy shrugged and smiled at her. “I couldn’t resist. You’re something else, Anna.”

Anna rolled her eyes and scoffed. “Ya… something else… I hate that phrase.”

“Would you have rather me told ye yer beautiful and it was addicting?” he asked, trying to look her in the eyes.

The blush that crept onto her cheeks made Murphy smiled and chuckle. “Because you are.” He added for good measure.

“Stop it.” Anna muttered.

“You like it.”

“No. I have a boyfriend.”

“Not for long.”

Anna shook her head and closed her eyes. “Maybe…” flashes of Ottilio killing her father flashed through her mind and made her shiver.

“Are you ok?” Murphy asked as he watched her shiver.

Anna nodded her head. “It’s not that easy, Murphy. You have no idea.” She quickly slipped through his arms and ran up to her room, leaving Murphy standing alone in the kitchen.

Murphy dropped his head and groaned. “Damned stubborn woman.” He muttered. If she would just tell him who the man was, he would go kill him himself. Whoever he was, he hurt Anna far deeper than she wanted to admit. And there was something screwy going on with them. Murphy was going to find out.

Anna shut the door to her room and leaned against it. “God damn it!” she muttered. Leaning her head against the door, she closed her eyes and slid down the door. “Fuck. My. Life.”

Anna fell asleep sitting against her door, blocking anyone’s way into her room.


When Anna woke up, it was around 5 PM. “Shit!” she cried as she jumped up and ran into her bathroom, taking a quick shower and throwing on a pair of well worn jeans, a white tank top, and a red and black short sleeve blouse. She quickly threw her long hair up into a pony tail and brushed her make up on as quickly as possible. She was late, damnit, thanks to that damned Irish…

“Anna?” Murphy called from her door.

“Fuck.” She muttered.

“Anna, are you ok? Where are… oh. Hey….” Murphy spotted her in the mirror of her bathroom. Her hair was pulled back, showing off her face.

‘I would love to rip that scrunchi out of her hair…’ Murphy thought to himself.

“Hey. Tell Doc I’ll be down in a minute. I woke up late.” Anna brushed past him in an attempt to grab her shoes.

“Actually, he sent me up here to tell you that he doesn’t need you working today. He wants you to rest.”

Anna rolled her eyes. “Does he want me to rest or do you want me not serving a bunch of drunken men?”

“Both.” Murphy nodded, noticing how nice she looked in her jeans and v-neck blouse that showed just enough cleavage. Yeah… he didn’t want her working tonight.

Anna sighed. “Alright. But that man cannot do dishes. I’m going to at least do those for him.” Murphy nodded, understanding her need to keep herself busy.

“Connor, Romeo, and I are going out. Doc wants us to keep him informed. Can we have your number so we can text you with what we’re doin’?” Murphy asked as he pulled out his own cell phone.

Anna nodded. “Yeah, sure.” They exchanged numbers and Murphy smiled at her.

“I’ll be seeing you tonight then?” He winked at her and Anna rolled her eyes, but smiled.

“Yeah. Sure.”


Anna walked into her room after finishing all of the dishes, only to find Ottilio sitting on her bed. God Damn it all! She thought to herself.

“How did you get in here?” she asked, not trying to start anything, but too pissed off to try and be subtle.

“I have a job tonight that I want you to come to.”

“That’s not the answer to my question, Panza.”

“Fire escape.” Ottilio’s eyes flashed with impatience, warning Anna to shut up and go along with him.

“Then you know your way out.” Well… Anna didn’t feel like being submissive.

Ottilio was instantly off of her bed and in her face, glaring daggers that could kill. “Do you want me to kill off your daddy and precious little wannabe grandfather?”

Anna growled, “You leave them out of this.”

“I will if you get your ass out on the fire escape and out to my truck.”

Anna glared at him before grabbing her iPod and cell phone, cursing herself the entire time. As she climbed into the truck, she slammed the door shut and glared at the Sicilian with hatred. ‘I hope Connor and Murphy kill you, you bastard!’ she thought to herself.

“Now,” Ottilio smiled to himself and started to drive off.

“Eat me.” Anna snapped.

Ottilio smirked and made Anna gag.

“EW! Gross! Don’t fucking touch me!” she spat at him, scooting over as far as she could from him.

“You should be – ”

“Should be what? Hmm? Be what, Ottilio? Thankful? Grateful? Fuck you.” Anna snapped.

“You need to shut up! Or I’ll lose my patience!”

“Oh I lost mine a long time ago. Do you really think that threatening my family is the most intelligent move to make?” Anna was glaring daggers at him again, so hard that she was surprised his head hadn’t exploded yet. “You’ll regret the day you ever threatened my father’s life!”

“Shut your mouth, bitch!” he snapped at her in Italian, mad as hell.

Anna huffed, but she really didn’t have anything else to say to him, so she sat quietly for the rest of the car ride.

Once Ottilio pulled up to the Silver Peso, Anna’s heart stopped. She whipped her phone out and looked through her text messages with Murphy. Most were just talking, asking questions about each other – each other’s likes and dislikes, favorite movies and books, favorite quotes, stuff like that – but a few were of importance.

‘@ silver peso’ it read, ‘hittin up some street fucks l8r im gonna turn my phone off now ttyl’

He sent it an hour ago. Which meant that they were probably still there. ‘Fuck my life!!’

She hit the reply button, “r u still @ silver peso?” she asked, hoping against hope that he hadn’t turned his phone off like he said he would.

Ottilio was planning on killing them… tonight… right now! Anna jumped when Ottilio shut the engine off and climbed out of the truck.

She scrambled after him, terrified of what he was planning on doing. Ottilio pulled out his gun and turned sharply to her.

“If you make one move to save those precious little fuckin’ saint freaks of yours, I will blow your brains out, got it?” he growled.

Anna stood still, staring at him, not sure if she could agree to not interfere. In a span of a little over 18 hours, she had gotten close to Murphy… he had broken down her barriers, and snuck into her heart. Hell, if her father, the detectives, and Doc trusted them, then she could too. And if Ottilio was going to try and kill them, she would do her damnedest to stop him. Even if it meant giving up her own life.

“Got it?!” he growled again. Anna nodded her head, not for her sake, but so she could try and save them.

“Murphy… Dear God, please forgive me!” she thought to herself. “I’m so sorry, Daddy…”

Ottilio led her up the stairs with a gun against her head. When he got to the top of the stairs, he wrapped his hand around her mouth. “Scream, and I will not only kill your precious Saints, but I’ll kill your father and that old man you seem so fond of!” Anna nodded, watching Connor and Murphy closely. Her precious Saints were already dead. If she decided to scream, the only difference would be that there would be a small glimmer of a chance that not only would Connor and Murphy live, but so would her father and Doc. Or she could die along with them… Both options weighed heavily on Anna’s heart.

As she thought about which would be the lesser of two evils – live with Ottilio the rest of her life and keep her father and Doc alive, but watch as Connor and Murphy died, or die along with them, Ottilio suddenly stood up and started shooting while shots were being fired at them. It wasn’t by Romeo, Connor, or Murphy. In a rush, Anna tackled Ottilio, taking a bullet to her shoulder. She didn’t feel it as it dug deep within her left shoulder, but she felt it hard when Ottilio landed on top of her as they both tumbled to the ground.

“Fucking bitch!” he cried in Italian as he bashed her over the head with his gun. “Get out of my way!”

As quickly as he could, Ottilio got to his feet and rushed down the stairs. Anna followed as best as she could, trying to make sure that none of them saw her.

She felt the blood run down her face and arm, but she needed to focus on getting back to her room. If she could get back there, she could avoid the boys and any awkward conversations.

“Motherfucker!” she muttered as she ran down the street. “God damned stupid little prissy ass pansy fucker gay fagot should never reproduce… who the fuck gave him a goddamned gun?!”

Once the familiar “McGinty’s” sign came into her view, she signed a breath of relief she didn’t know she was holding.
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