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Chapter 12: really short!

So this chapter's oober short, but really intense and really sweet! <33

Chapter 12

Anna ran into her room and grabbed her nearest duffle bag, throwing as many clothing items as she could into it. Murphy watched her for a moment, not sure if he should step in and help her or let her work it out for herself.


When she finally collapsed onto her bed in a fit of sobs, Murphy quickly walked to her side. “Anna?” he asked quietly and he rubbed her shoulder and ran a hand through her hair. “Anna, love, look at me.”



She wiped the tears from her eyes, only to have them replaced with fresh ones, “I could have saved him, Murphy!”


Murphy sighed heavily and moved to sit next to her on the bed. “What could you have done, Anna? And we don’t even know for sure if he is dead. He could still make it.” He wanted to hit himself for how stupid he sounded – what was he trying to do? Give her false hope? If he had been honest with himself and her, the chances of Greenly making it out of this alive were slim to none. And the chances of him living and not being affected in any way were nonexistent.


Anna shifted to bury her head into his shoulder, still trying to control her tears. “I could have killed Ottilio before… God I could have done something! Anything to prevent any of this from happening in the first place!”


Murphy slowly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him as his mind put all the pieces together. Ottilio was Anna’s boyfriend. She only stayed with him because he was threatening Doc and Greenly… “Why wouldn’t you tell me that it was Ottilio?” he finally asked.


Anna let out a small half sob half dark chuckle. “I guess… I don’t know… I knew you had the right to know… but I guess I was just afraid to show how weak I really was…”


Murphy didn’t know who he was more mad at – Ottilio, himself, or Anna. Ottilio, for simply being a little bastard and hurting his precious Anna and killing his friend – no… he didn’t know if Greenly was dead yet or not. Himself, because he should have saw all the warning signs that it was Ottilio all along – the bullet in Anna’s shoulder the same night that Ottilio had tried to take them out, the text messages about if he was still at the Silver Peso just before they finished taking out Yakavetta’s men… Or maybe he was mad at Anna for not telling him, and keeping him in the dark, for not letting him protect her and Greenly. She was so stubborn! But then Greenly’s voice rang in his head. “Take care of her, Murph… please… And don’t be mad at her… she was just trying to save me…”


Murphy slowly swallowed his anger, and gently cupped her cheek, “You aren’t weak, Anna. Don’t ever believe that you are,” he looked around her room and finally stood up. “Are you going to need anything else? We have to get going before the cops show up.” Anna shook her head and let Murphy sling her duffle bag across his shoulders before offering her a hand. “Let’s go.”

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