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Chapter 11 of Halo

I KNOW! I promised it'd be done by today, but a lot of shit happened.... >.< So here's chapter 11!!! (and I'm sorry about all the problems with the chapters, I don't beta read them before I post them, so they're, like, hot off the press! PLEASE BARE WITH ME!!!! lol)

Chapter 11

Murphy’s arm slipped around her waist and Connor finally came up next to her and took her gun. As soon as the gun was out of her hand, Anna collapsed into Murphy’s arms. “Daddy?” she asked quietly.


Murphy looked back at Greenly. With everything that had happened, Murphy hadn’t had time to digest that Greenly was her father. He slowly led her to where Greenly was still attempting to breath, though it was clear that he was losing the battle rather quickly. Anna gripped Murphy’s arm as tightly as she could as she slowly knelt down next to her father. Murphy followed, keeping a tight arm around her waist.


“Daddy, help will be here soon…”


“Murphy, get her out of here!” Greenly sputtered. “Get her the fuck out of here!”


“Daddy I’m not leaving your side!” Anna shook her head and reached out to grab his hand.


“No, Anna. Get out of here! Now.”


“Boys!” Poppa MacManus motioned for Connor and Murphy to hurry up and get up the stairs before the cops and ambulance showed up.


“Go, Anna!” Greenly weakly shoved Anna’s hands away from him, “Get yourself out of here! Murphy take her, please!”


“Daddy, you’re gonna live!” Anna sobbed again. “You have to live!”


“Come on, Anna,” Murphy tried to gently pry her away from her father’s side, but she wasn’t budging.


“Murphy! Just pick her up, for Christ’s sake!” Noah cried from across the room. “We have to leave!”


Murphy sighed and looked at Anna, “Please, Anna. For Greenly.”


“NO!” Anna started to struggle to get away from Murphy, not wanting to leave her father’s side. As gently as he could, without hurting her or forcing her to move her hurt shoulder, Murphy wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the floor, carrying her up the stairs.


It tore at every fiber of his being when she started thrashing in his arms trying to get to her father. He hated seeing her so vulnerable and upset. Every tear that slipped through her eyes and slid down her cheek broke his heart. He knew he would give anything to assure that Greenly would make it, if only to see Anna stop crying and be happy again.


Murphy held her close, trying to comfort her and not drop her at the same time. It was hard to keep a good hold on her when she wouldn’t stop thrashing around.


“Daddy!!!!” she ranged from yelling it to whimpering the simple word, not sure which one would bring about the desired effect of bringing her father back to her. “Daddy….”


Once Murphy was in the speakeasies room, he set Anna down on a chair and knelt in front of her. “Don’t run, Anna. Please. Stay right here. I’m gonna go pack some of your clothes. You’re gonna need them.”


“Let me pack!” she gripped at his arm. “Please… let me do something!” she hadn’t stopped crying, so her voice cracked, making Murphy want to cringe. This wasn’t Anna. This wasn’t the woman he had met three days ago. This wasn’t the woman he had fallen for. He hated seeing like this. Finally, he nodded, helping her off the chair.


“Murph, where the hell are you two goin!?” Connor asked as he threw random pieces of clothing into a bag.


“We’re gettin’ Anna packed. I’ll be right back!”

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