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Chapter 10 of Halo

The chapter you've all been begging me for!!!! LOL

Chapter 10


Anna grabbed at her father’s hand, and gently placed her other hand on his cheek. “Daddy, you’re gonna make it!” she mumbled to him through her tears. “You have to!”


“I love you, Anna. You’ve always been my baby girl… even though I wasn’t there for you when you needed me…” Greenly’s words were strained, but he was fighting through his pain. He didn’t want to leave his daughter just as much as she didn’t want him to leave.



“Stop talking like that, daddy! You’re gonna make it. Help’s on the way!”


“Make sure Murph treats ya right… Connor’ll help put ‘im in line,” Greenly’s eyes sparkled with the hint of mischievous that was almost always present in his eyes. Anna sobbed again.


“Just hold on, daddy!” she tightened her hold on his hand, and shook her head. “Please, for me, just hold on! You’re gonna make it!”




Il Duce’s voice made Anna’s  head snap up. She saw Ottilio struggling to control his fear and anxiety with Il Duce’s gun pressed to his head and her anger finally boiled over.


She grabbed her gun off the floor and shot his right arm, making him drop the gun and grip his hand in pain as he screamed.


Anna stood up, still pointing the gun at the Ottilio. “That was for my Connor.” She muttered so low and deadly that the boys thought they heard her wrong. Then she aimed and fired another shot at his right arm. “And that’s for Doc.” She growled out.


“Boys!” Il Duce glanced at his sons, asking them to step him and stop her.


Murphy grabbed Connor’s arm, shaking his head. He knew she had to this alone.


Anna quickly aimed her gun at his left arm, shooting that one as well, “And that one’s for Poppa MacManus!” she shot his left leg, making him fall to the floor. “That one’s for Murphy, you fucking bastard!”


Murphy smiled grimly as Anna walked up to Ottilio’s side before pulled the trigger again, shooting the Sicilian in his right leg that time, “And that one’s for my father. You sick son of a bitch.”


Murphy, Connor, and Poppa MacManus all three started to recite the prayer as Anna finally aimed her gun at Ottillio’s head.


“And Shepherds we shall be, for Thee, My Lord, for Thee.” She spat in Ottilio’s face, the lowest sign of disrespect she could muster. “Power hath decended forth from Thy hand,” Anna glared daggers at the man who was sprawled out before her. “that our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command.” She heard him mumble some form of an apology, a plea of sorts for her not to kill him. “And we shall flow a river forth to Thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be.”


Anna quietly cocked back her gun and glared one last time at the man. “This is for me, bastard. I’ll see you in Hell.”


“In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Et Spiritus Sancti.”


Anna pulled the trigger, ending Ottilio’s life, but she couldn’t look away. She was still glaring at the dead man on the floor. She was too pissed off. He had tried to kill her father, after swearing to her that he wouldn’t.  He had put Doc in harm’s way. He had sent Murphy and Connor on a wild goose chase just so his boss could kill their father – her eyes suddenly snapped up to Poppa MacManus. Murphy was instantly at her side, grabbing at her gun, but she was trying to read Noah’s expression. When Noah finally nodded to her, she knew that he knew. He knew everything.

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