The Best, most Awesomest Story you will EVER Read about Connor and Murphy!

Once upon a time, in a far away land called Boston, there lived two Irish brothers. Amazing, I know; Irish brothers living in Boston. Who would have saw that coming? But these brothers weren't just any pair of Irish brothers. These were the sexiest, most awesomest twins on the planet. They kicked ass. Literally.

Their favorite thing to do was go out and kill bad guys. And they rocked at it. But what people don't know, is that they had a secret passion. Teaching little kids ballet. Yes, you read that right. Ballet. Murphy was the better dancer, damn that boy could move! But Connor was the better teacher. Together, their dance studio pwned others in South Boston.

But shit happened, and they were forced to shut it down or risk being called fagots. And NO ONE called Connor or Murphy MacManus fagots. So they killed the bad guys and the bullies and rode off into the sunset together.... holding hands.
.....i got bored in Pathology one day... don't judge! LMAO
The Norm is MINE!

AND THE FINAL PART! this time for reals! LOL

 Murphy walked Anna up to her room once they got back to the bar after getting their guns. “I have to stay here?” Anna whined.

Murphy chuckled and kissed her cheek. “Yes. You’re safer here. Remember how to use that gun, and if dumb-ass comes here, ya shoot him. Got it?”

“I doubt he’ll be comin’ here tonight…” Anna muttered.

“Well if he does.”

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The Norm is MINE!

Part 2 of 3 for Halo

 As quickly and as quietly as she could, she ran up the stairs and into her room. The mirror on the bathroom wall proved to Anna that Ottilio had, in fact, hit her hard enough to bust her head open.

“Fucking bastard.” She muttered again as she reached for her first aid kit.

Quickly, Anna set to work of washing out the gash on her head, placing a band-aid on it to stop the bleeding. She moved to her shoulder, and groaned when she realized she couldn’t lift her arm. Remembering a movie with Patrick Swayze (Black Dog) Anna snuck into Doc’s storage room. When she found the gun powder, she laughed to herself when she noted the date: 1926.

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The Norm is MINE!

Halo - the 1st Part of 3

 So here's the 1st part. Since I'm special and didn't remember where I had left off >.< LOL there may be (actually, i know there are lots) of problems with these chapters, so if you see a problem or fuck up, just leave a message on the chapter, and i'll be happy to fix it!!! <3 SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE!

Halo: a Murphy MacManus Fanfiction

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Well hello there~ I am not really new, but I just realized that I had to actually "join" this community to post to it! DUH!  Anywho...I am loving the fanfic u guys are doing. Has anyone seen an update on the Halo story? gosh, I've become so addicted to it I am starting to need more! HA
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Chapter 12: really short!

So this chapter's oober short, but really intense and really sweet! <33

Chapter 12

Anna ran into her room and grabbed her nearest duffle bag, throwing as many clothing items as she could into it. Murphy watched her for a moment, not sure if he should step in and help her or let her work it out for herself.


When she finally collapsed onto her bed in a fit of sobs, Murphy quickly walked to her side. “Anna?” he asked quietly and he rubbed her shoulder and ran a hand through her hair. “Anna, love, look at me.”



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Chapter 11 of Halo

I KNOW! I promised it'd be done by today, but a lot of shit happened.... >.< So here's chapter 11!!! (and I'm sorry about all the problems with the chapters, I don't beta read them before I post them, so they're, like, hot off the press! PLEASE BARE WITH ME!!!! lol)

Chapter 11

Murphy’s arm slipped around her waist and Connor finally came up next to her and took her gun. As soon as the gun was out of her hand, Anna collapsed into Murphy’s arms. “Daddy?” she asked quietly.


Murphy looked back at Greenly. With everything that had happened, Murphy hadn’t had time to digest that Greenly was her father. He slowly led her to where Greenly was still attempting to breath, though it was clear that he was losing the battle rather quickly. Anna gripped Murphy’s arm as tightly as she could as she slowly knelt down next to her father. Murphy followed, keeping a tight arm around her waist.


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So I'm new long time follower first time poster (is it me but does that make it sound like AA?)
anyways I love BDS to the extreme lol.
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I write a lot of short stories and I'm working on my first actual long one I'd love to hear your thoughts
so tell me what you think....I'd love reviews ^.^

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